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5 октября, 2020

Vasco Bagpack

Vasco Bagpack.

Vasco backpack is the future of convenience. Forget about carrying a separate bag for your lunch, and another bag for your documents.

Design: CSL Studio
Art Direction: Motiv (Anna Khusnutdinova)
Illustration/design: Anna Khusnutdinova, Tigran Kazaryan.
Social: Tigran Kazaryan.
Kickstarter: Anna Khusnutdinova, Tigran Kazaryan.
Stance Production: Aleksander & Anastasia Protsyuk.


Дизайн, визуализация, брендинг.

  • Стратегия

    Branding & Art Direction

  • Дизайн

    Art Direction & Kickstarter

  • Клиент

    Vasco Brand

  • Тэги

    Brand, Design, Strategy, Web

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